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Luxury Suites Near Monterey

Each of our private guest suites are decorated in a unique theme that celebrates the local wild plants and flowers of the Gabilan Mountains. You will be treated to spectacular views of our vineyards and the surrounding hills from the privacy of your own patio.

Each suite is equipped with microwave, gas barbeque, wet bar, refrigerator, gas fireplace, air conditioning, robes and slippers, queen beds, and whirlpool tubs. Room rates are single or double occupancy with two-night minimum.

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Inn at the Pinnacles luxury suites

Inn at the Pinnacles --Chaparral luxury suite Chaparral Room $250 / night
Inspired by the native chaparral bush which thrives in the surrounding hills, this room boasts a patio view of the Pinnacles National Park and a large bubble tub for relaxing soaks.    View Suite Photos

Inn at the Pinnacles --Cottonwood luxury suite Cottonwood Room $250 / night
The cottonwood tree is known for it's medicinal uses by Native Americans in California. This room will soothe you with soft carpeting, large bubble tub, and relaxing patio views of vineyards and nearby Pinnacles rock formations.   View Suite Photos

Inn at the Pinnacles --Manzanita luxury suite Manzanita Room $275 / night
Like our native manzanita tree, this south-facing luxury suite bathes in warm sunlight throughout the day. With cool tile floors, canopy bed, and soaking tub the Manzanita Room will refresh and invigorate you.   View Suite Photos

Inn at the Pinnacles --Manzanita luxury suite Juniper Room $275 / night
In our beautiful Gabilan Mountains the juniper tree provides shelter for deer, turkeys, and other animals. With bubble tub, warm fireplace, and view of resident Pinot Noir vines our Juniper Room provides you solace from the daily grind.   View Suite Photos

Inn at the Pinnacles --Sage luxury suite Sage Room $250 / night
Perfect for a long soak after hiking through native sage bush at the nearby Pinnacles, our Sage Room boasts a large clawfoot tub for your relaxing pleasure. You'll lose yourself in spectacular views of the surrounding hills.   View Suite Photos

Inn at the Pinnacles --Sycamore luxury suite Sycamore Room $250 / night
With large leaves, the sycamore tree provides respite from the warm summer sun for birds and animals. Cool tile floors, breathtaking views, and a short distance to the pool our Sycamore Room will cool and refresh you as well.    View Suite Photos

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